What temperature should wine be served at?

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Here at the PopUpHQ near Newton MRT we are often asked about the best serving temperatures for different wines.  Some of the most popular questions (and our answers) appear below:

Q) What do winemakers mean when they say “white wine should be served chilled and red wine at room temperature”?

This is a very old maxim.  Room temperature refers to the typical indoor temperature as it was in France during the Middle Ages – well before the invention of either air conditioning or modern central heating!  It is a temperature between 15 and 18°C.

Chilled, is a temperature between 8 and 10°C, a number close to the temperature of an underground cellar.  It should not be mistaken for the temperature of a modern fridge, which will typically be a much colder 5°C.

Q) What happens to wine when it’s served at the wrong temperature?

Served too cold, a white…

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