The Perfect Couple: Red Wine and Red Meat

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The below was produced for Expat Living Magazine in January 2016.

There is a scientific theory as to why red wine and red meat complement each other so beautifully.

It relates to tannins, naturally occurring compounds that exist inside grape skins, seeds and stems.  These materials dissolve themselves into red wine during the production process, and dry out the mouth when we consume them: they are the reason our mouths sometimes feel dry the morning after an evening spent enjoying red wine.

According to the theory, high-tannin red wines such as Chilean Malbec are at the exact opposite end of the taste spectrum to smooth, tender, red meat.  Such wines therefore dry out the mouth at the exact same time red meats, such as a dry-aged wagyu porterhouse, moisten it.

angus the bull Angus – The Bull, a wine specifically designed for red meat.

An Australia winemaker, Hamish McGowan, was fascinated by this…

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