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In the first of a new regular series, James Hindle details his favourite Vineyards (and Cellar Doors) in Australia’s Hunter Valley.

hunterMapHunter Valley, the birthplace of the Australian wine industry, is an easy two-hour drive north of Sydney.  Wine has been grown in “The Hunter” since the 1830s, when Scottish immigrant James Busby planted Syrah (Shiraz) cuttings taken from the Rhône valley.  With the original French stock devastated by the nineteenth-century phylloxera plague, New South Wales are able to claim some of the oldest Shiraz vines on the planet.  The region is also known for its distinctive dry Semillon (curiously sometimes mislabelled as Hunter Valley Riesling) and Chardonnay.

My favourite vineyards to visit in the Hunter Valley are:

  1. Gundog Estate

Named for failed Gundog, “Karl Marx”…

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